Lately, I have seen many posts on the various blogs and websites I follow about this unique looking "Slatted Basket".  Well, I thought I would try one or two…I pulled up the instructions from and found a great tutorial by Betty Traciak. 

Saturday, I set out to make one and my sweet little girl kitty Musette kept bugging me to play with her, so I made several mistakes on measurements and had to start over a couple of times.  So, after playing with Musette to tire her out (and me), I finally got it right!  I am really happy the way it turned out!  I call it Roses Are Red.

Slatted basket 1

Since it seemed pretty busy, I kept the embellishments simple.  Usually I go hog wild with ribbons, flowers and bling, but somehow this basket screamed "SIMPLE, please!".  Like I said, I am very happy with the look of it – sort of on the vintage side which is my forte'.  Love me some vintage.

I posted this picture on several groups that I belong to and had many requests for instructions!  So, I made another basket and have included instructions based on Betty Traciak's tutorial.  I tried a little different approach to the assembly, but in the end they both turned out quite pleasing.

My second basket I called "Daisies On Blue".

Slatted basket 3

Here are the instructions:


Double Sided Paper 12" x 12"
Print paper 12"x12" – cut 6 (six) strips 1" x 11", 1 (one) strip 1 1/4" x 12" and 1 (one) 4" x 4" square.
Scoring Tool (I used my Simply Scored from Stampin' Up!)
Two sided adhesive (I used the red super sticky tape on the red basket and the white sticky tape on the blue basket. In my opinion, the red held the box base together much better).

Step by Step

Score your base 12" x 12" cardstock at 3/4", 4", 8" and 11 1/4".  Rotate your paper 90 degrees and repeat process.

Cutting on the score lines, cut away the corner rectangles (I have marked the corners to cut out).

Instruct 1

Next, on the score lines on the same sides you cut the corners out of cut up to the 2nd score line. The first score line is the 3/4" score – don't stop your cutting there.  Go all the way to the next score line. Trim your flaps at a slight angle to make putting the box together easier.  Add your double sided tape to the flaps as shown in the picture.

Instruct 2a

 Normally now would be the time to assemble your box.  I tried a little different approach…

 Take your six 1" x 11" strips and score each one at 3 1/2" from either side.  On the back side, adhere your two sided tape in the middle section between the score lines and on the ends of each strip.



Back showing tape placement


Adhere the first three strips to the bottom of your box


Take the remaining three strips and place them perpendicular on the box base.  Don't attach the top ends of your strips just yet.


Now is the time you can assemble your box.  Fold on the score lines and fold end flaps (the ones with tape on them) inward toward the center flap.  Do this on all four sides.  Remember, don't adhere your print strips just yet, that will be our next step.  Fold your top 3/4" flaps to the outside.  This is how your box should look at this point. 


Start adhering your strips to the box base.  Take the strip and adhere it just under the score line.  Repeat for the three strips on each side.  As you go around, add a piece of sticky tape to the underneath part of the top flap.  Tack those down now.


Notice that your strips don't lay flat against the side of the box.  They have a curve – that is what gives the illusion of a basket.  Continue this process on all four sides.  Your box is almost done!



Please excuse the messy work surface – I was in creating heaven.  Okay, we're getting close to the end!  Take your 1 1/4" x 12" strip and adhere to two sides of the basket.  This is your handle.  You can simply use sticky tape to adhere it, or in the case of my Daisies On Blue box, I found these cute flower brads so I used those to attach my handle.  Place the 4" x 4" square in the bottom inside of the box.  This finishes off the box.  Since my base was a solid color, the print bottom added a bit of "pretty" to the box.

Now you can glam and glitz it up as you wish.  I again went pretty simple on my blue box.  But decorate however you want!

I hope you will make some of these baskets..and please share your projects with me.  I love to see what everyone else does.  Most of my inspiration comes from my fellow paper peeps, my fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrators and of course Pinterest so I take a keen interest in what you all do.

Check in tomorrow for the Weekly Deals from Stampin' Up!  I will give you a Hostess code and how to use it in tomorrows blog.

Have a wonderful week and have fun Creating With Paper!


Be kind to one another and make time for Creating With Paper.

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