As I said in an earlier post, as crafters, we have to be ahead of the game or at least the seasons.  I am still working on Patriotic ideas, but wanted to share with you my Straw Wreath and the Star which I did some embellishing on.

Here are both of them with our traditional Pop display…

Here are closeups of each of them…



The Straw Wreath (which usually connotates a bale of hay or straw!) was so fun to make.  It takes an average of 45 straws, but I think I squeezed in 49.  The most fun was collecting so many different patterns on these drinking straws.  Some are from past years, and many found this year.  A small MDF ring is the middle on which I glued the straws (after painting it navy blue).  Then you can embellish as you wish!  I am a "medallion" fan, so made a bunch and added a few other little items.

The Star will soon have it's partner to display.  But I have so many other things to do at the moment, that will be in June.

Here is a card I made for my groups challenge for this week…staying in the Patriotic Theme..


Word to the wise – May 31st is the LAST day to get anything from the Occasions Catalog.  Also the LAST day to get anything from the 2015-2016 catalog AND the Retired List.  For those of you getting a catalog from me, I will be mailing them out the last week in May, since they aren't "live" until June 1st. 

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Well, that is it for me.  Hope you all have a wonderful week – we are at Disneyland for several days, having the time of our lives! 

Remember to be kind to others and make time to enjoy "Creating With Paper".

Be kind to one another and make time for Creating With Paper.

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