You are all probably saying,  what the heck does that mean?  Well, since our State (California) is rising in numbers of cases of COVID, I didn't get to hold my "Christmas In July" Sunday Gathering, so I am extending the project and adding some more to my August Gathering, naming it "Christmas In August!"  I would celebrate Christmas all year if I could get away with it! Unfortunately others in my family would not be too fond of that idea :).

Speaking of Christmas and Holidays, the August-December 2020 Mini Catalog (formerly known as the Holiday issue) is live and available to the public on August 4th!  Soon!  There are some carryovers from last years Holiday Catalog, so if you loved something last year, but weren't able to buy it then, check to see if perhaps it is in the new Catalog.  I like when they carryover some of the wonderful things – I get a second (or third or fourth – ha!) look and usually will purchase it! 

I was able to Pre-order some things to get my Christmas, Fall and Halloween projects started.  That is an advantage of becoming a part of my team as a demonstrator!  Discounts, previews of upcoming catalogs, most of all though being part of a very fun group!  If you are interested just click on "Join Me" and we can get you started!

In June, I did host a small group of my Sunday Craftin' Gals Gathering, and we had a Mystery Stamp session.  I love how Sharon Armstrong holds these on Tuesdays.  It is so fun to see all of the different ideas people come up with.  I put together packets that contained all the papers needed – cut and scored.  I had selected several sentiment stamps and several other stamps they would need!  Water color pencils for coloring in stamps, and any embellishments they wanted.  I read the directions to them and helped when I saw confusion on some faces.  It is not easy if you have no idea how it is supposed to look, but that is the fun of it.  They took home the directions so they could make more of the design.  

My dear friend Nee, put together some photos of our gathering.  She got some pictures of my home decorations and since we couldn't hold our regular potluck, I provided a variety of cheesecakes.  Third photo first row, are the "samples" from the new catalog that I displayed with the coordinating bundles or suites shown in the last photo.  My Mystery card was similar to Nee's Orange framed card.  I must have sent mine to someone, can't find it anywhere in my craft room…probably if I clean it again, I will come across it.  I just used a different colors on my flower.  Oh the second picture in the second row is a picture of some of the clothespin dolls I made.  I had the supplies probably for 5 years and decided to do them this year.  Do you all gather things up for years and finally say, enough!  I need to make these for more room!  That is my life in a nutshell.

As you can see, we were being safe – wore masks until we ate our dessert.  All of the others that came, Linnie, Ang, Irene, and Cathy (who stopped by) thought it was very fun… I am glad when they like the projects. 

Well, that is all for now, as always, I hope to blog more, but man life just keeps getting busier and busier.  I didn't think this is how retirement was going to be.  Oh well, I hope you all are staying safe, and when you are home, be sure to make time for some Creating With Paper!

Be kind to one another and make time for Creating With Paper.

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